ehem. hello guys. so here i am on my knees apologizing for not updating this blog for half a year already. the thing is, i had been so busy with my life (medschool, real life, etc etc) that i cant find the time to sit down, read fics and rec them on tumblr. but im back! (well almost) but not on this blog. im the new admin on so im gonna rec fics there after this. they have like 700++ posts there. it’s like a shinee fics library lol. and this blog has like 125 posts only. this is embarrassing OTL

anyway, follow ‘em guys! and happy reading ^^

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Off The Tracks

Title: Off The Tracks

Author: lucentic

Pairing: Minho/Taemin

Rating: PG 13


Once upon a time, there lived a boy who taught another how to love.

Minho sits up a little straighter and tries, his throat making a tiny purring noise.

“They’re going to find you. Kill you. I don’t want to see any of that happening to you, so leave!”

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The Little Things

Title: The Little Things

Author: fonulyn

Pairing: het!Minho/Key

Rating: PG


Minho is a smug bastard, but Gwiboon loves him anyway

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Title: Absolution

Author: justangel

Pairing: Minho/Taemin, Minho/Key, Taemin/Key

Rating: NC 17


Betrayal is more painful than torment. Revenge is more lethal than poison

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Since it’s hard for me to find any good SHINee fics right now, i’ve decided to open this blog is open for fanfics submission. it can be your own stories or you can recommend someone else stories. you just have to follow this format when submitting or i wont accept them.






Link to your stories:

if you are posting directly in the blog, put your entry behind a “Read More” break. If not, you can do away with the ‘read more’ break.

On rating your fics, please refer to this

If you prefer to be anonymous, do ignore the 'author' and 'link to your stories' part.

Happy submitting ^^

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